I hate that bitch!
And I hate MSNBC!

As a POW and elite soldier in a secret operation I disclosed an islamist terror camp near the Iraq-Pakistan border.

Since George W. is just a poor civilian loser who can’t find Osama Bin Laden I took the initiative: Camouflaged as one of them I made secret videos of those terrorists.
Watch them here.

I am an expert on foreign policy.
Obama is not only black, he’s also always wrong.

That nigger black guy Barack Obama thinks wars are for free.
My fellow American patriots, I tell you Obama lies!
There is no war for free.
We will have to finance my wars with taxes and every serious economist knows that our few billionaires can’t pay that much taxes. The rest can.

C’mon, everybody knows that Barack Obama is no American.
He is a muslim for god’s sake!
He has no honor.

Kids whose mothers were raped or were the product of incest ought to be treated equally – they will be good soldiers for the future wars. So abortion is wrong.

Not enough?

I need soldiers for my wars.