I hate that bitch!
And I hate MSNBC!

As a POW and elite soldier in a secret operation I disclosed an islamist terror camp near the Iraq-Pakistan border.

Since George W. is just a poor civilian loser who can’t find Osama Bin Laden I took the initiative: Camouflaged as one of them I made secret videos of those terrorists.
Watch them here.

I am the only war hero and POW.
That’s why a lot of losers are just jealous of me.

Though the fucking communist Vietcong got not even one word out of my word.
They tortured me but I won the war.
They got nothing out of my mouth, nothing but silence.
They did not even find out that I was working for the CIA. I had the code name “Songbird”.

I am a POW.
I was tortured by the fucking Vietcong but I didn’t tell them anything!