But maybe it was that tall president Nicolas Sarkozy of Russia.
Or chancellor Horst Köhler of the United Kingdom.
As an expert in foreign policy I meet so many important kings and presidents all the time.

I am an expert on foreign policy.
Obama is not only black, he’s also always wrong.

I saw that video several times but I just don’t get what this reporter Jed Lewison (Isn’t that a Jew?) means. But MSNBC is a communist TV station anyway.

I said nothing wrong actually.
Besides, all those names sound Hispanic to me.
As a war hero and POW I am a born expert in foreign policy.

C’mon, everybody knows that Barack Obama is no American.
He is a muslim for god’s sake!
He has no honor.

Look at that inexperienced black guy.
As president I promise I will wipe out Iran, Iraq and the Russians – China of course, too!

That wimp Obama has no international experience, no knowledge about foreign policy. He doesn’t even know that communist Czechoslovakia still exists.

And don’t forget the Iraq-Pakistan border!
Dangerous there because of the Apaches, Sioux and other Indians.