My fellow American patriot citizens,

whether Obama’s grandmother died or not: don’t forget that his aunt was an illegal alien and that he tried to bring his whole Kenyan tribe illegally into the USA to outnumber us and get elected illegally. Who knows if his grandmother was not an alien, too.

Tonight I will be declared president elect. I thank all Americans who voted for me. Those who did not will regret it.


Those who did not yet vote for me shall not forget that it’s called The White House.

After my inauguration I will send that black Obama guy to his Muslim friends to Guantanamo and finish Iraq AND Iran. And I will raise taxes only on those Americans who voted against me.

Our black citizens will get the place in our society that they fit in. I promise to all Americans that I will bring back the good old times until 2016. After my second term Sarah Palin will be ready to serve you for the years after.

Watch my victory speech tonight on TV.

I was sure Obama would show up that night since his terrorist friends were talking about him winning the presidential elections in the US. But that coward canceled his appearance because of a swing state.

Then I will hunt Osama Biden Laden down.

I had a hidden camera with me while waiting for Obama to show up in his terror camp.

There you can see it: Obama did not want to shake hands with my cunt Cindy.

Can you understand why I don’t like to shake hands with that terrorist friend?

There is not much to say, my fellow white Americans.

Yes my friends and fellow Americans: We, the Republicans invented the bailout but Obama forced my Republican friends in Congress to vote against the bill.