This weblog is dedicated to me, John McCunt, the presidential nominee 2008 for the Republicans, who called his wife Cindy McCain a cunt. Besides the fact that I am definetly a liar and tell different things each time I am a choleric person and therefore dangerous:

When asked why I called my wife Cindy a cunt in front of people during the campaign in 1992 I answered that it “it had been a long day”. Just imagine me being president of the US having a long day. I would probably start a new war every second day. Actually I like to call my wife a cunt since she is one. I wanted to have a new one but she has the money so what can I do?

So the world should pray that my sick mind will become the next president of the USA – though that the American people are very well known as the best examples for manipulatable morons in the world.


22 Responses to “About”

  1. chazzers Says:

    Oh My God! Called his wife a “C” word.

  2. McCunt Says:

    So what? Every woman is a cunt. Every man knows that, and those who don’t are just wimps.

  3. chazzers Says:

    You obviously don’t know much.
    And, btw ; you suck 🙂

  4. chazzers Says:

    No one likes you except for maybe yourself.

  5. McCunt Says:

    Actually I LOVE myself, you muslim retard!

  6. Nance Says:

    Why should the world pray, do you believe in the power of prayer?

  7. McCunt Says:

    Of course, I pray each day to become president, you nut.

  8. Chirag Jain Says:

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!
    Btw….mccunt is a nice name.

  9. Will Rhodes Says:

    So why were you offline, Mr Mc?

  10. John McCunt Says:

    Arab urine, I guess.
    Terrorists, you know. George W. told me and I wouldn’t believe him. But now I know that there were weapons of massurine in Arabistan. That’s why we have war.

  11. This blog is super duper.
    That’s all that needs to be said.

  12. supporter Says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say this is a great blog. Keep up a all the great work. I was thinking of doing something very similar.

    Your efforts are appreciated even if the people above are talking negatively.

  13. Benjamin Says:

    ha ha this is the best blog I have seen for ages

  14. Your days are numbered pops. Barack “Hussein in the membrane” Obama is gonna drop-kick you in the dentures on election day. There is nothing that you or your air-headed, moose copulating, fundie nutball VP can do about it either. My advice to you McStain – check into a friendly retirement home in Sun City and keep your nurse monitor handy.

    Your pal,

  15. Where’s the swastika? I have no doubt your’e a nazi flag waving member of the Klan…

    Your hate and anger…not to mention your fear…is felt far beyond your puny little blogsphere.

    It will be silenced on Tuesday…you miserable bag of puss.

  16. John McCain Says:

    What are you talking about, you gay cunt?
    Did your drunk daddy fuck you again?

  17. virgomonkey Says:

    I love you. ♥♥♥

  18. John McCain Says:

    Give me your phone number. I’m sick of my cunt wife Cindy.
    Are you rich?

  19. virgomonkey Says:

    I’m filthy rich. I’m not one of those commies living on welfare.

  20. John McCain Says:

    Get your filthy cunt ass here, lady. I love you. I’ll make you First Lady in 2012 when I killed that fucking cunt blond moron Sarah Palin.

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